Saturday, 14 May 2011


With our bracelets getting a lot of attention through Facebook we thought it would be a good idea to place these onto Ebay the world's biggest auction website. At first we were unsure on how to place them on, we thought we would have to place them on individually which would take forever to do. But once we went to sell an item we had a pop up box quoting that we can post multiple items onto one listing.

This was great for us as we would save money on placing the items up for sale as well as have more control on how to list them, it also has a category where we can have how many quantities we want of each bracelet. This is a great way for our bracelets to get noticed. After about 15 minutes, we had our page up and away.

Here is how our page looks, there are drop downs with the colours you can have which links to a photo and the size customers wish to have. It cost us 40p to set up the page, and for every bracelet we sell, they take 10% which is 25p per sale. I guess all we can do now is wait to see what Ebay has to show. In the mean time we are busy making bracelets through Facebook. We have asked for people to pay through Paypal if they have it or through the bank.

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