Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Order

Well our new order has come through and we are much happier with the 8mm beads, they are the perfect size to make the bracelets. We have been making a few prototypes just to see how they would turn out as we did not expect them to be perfect the first few times. I have been coming up with the colour schemes as it is easier for me to know what a girl is looking for being one myself. We were quite chuffed on how lovely they looked that we decided to make a E&E photo album on Facebook to see what others thought. Within the first half hour we already had a few ordered, it was great! We decided to sell them for £2.50 per bracelet and you that would include a gift bag. Below are some of the photos of our bracelets.

Chocolate Brown and Caramel
Black and Ivory
Baby Pink and Black
Electric Pink, Baby Pink and Ivory
Purple and Ivory
Navy Blue and Ivory

Some of our friends were really taking a liking to them which was great news for us. With a few orders already requested, we were in business. As more people started to ask about them we started to think that we would have to order more as we had only ordered a few packs just to get us started. After discussing about how much we should invest into the bracelets we decided we would order £30 worth of multi-coloured beads. Many different colour combination's can still be created to suit every person. We may even let people decide on there own colours if they so wish. More photos shall be put up soon.

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