Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Market Stall

Over the weekend i found a couple of jewelery market stalls which were selling the same types of products as Ryan and i are going to do. The first one was in Bromley, they had a wide range of man made bracelets with many different kinds of beads. The only thing i found with that was the prices, they were asking for £6 per bracelet which i thought was to high. Although they had many different designs to choose from i still thought they were rather expensive. They were also being beads and charms on there own, but wanted from £1 upwards for just one. They had quite a lot of interest but i noticed that people were walking away empty handed, which i think proves that they were selling them at to much of a high price. You would normally see a price range like that from a retail store.

This should help us when selling our bracelets because we now have a better understanding of the types of prices to sell them for and they also had different types of ages interested, which helps use to believe that girls no matter what your age is will be interested in such lovely beaded bracelets.

Here is a photo of the stall which i took in Bromley, as you can see there are many different kinds of beads used to make such lovely jewelery.

This is making us more confident about our product and is looking forward to the reaction we will get from people. The only thing that we may have to think about is getting beads which are of different sizes we are currently only have stock of one size which is 4mm beads. If things go well then we shall look into getting a wider range but we do not want to get to ahead of our self's and find that they do not sell and would have a lot of stock that we would have no idea what to do with.

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