Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hello and welcome to Mine and Ryan Cook's E&E.We had our introduction lesson yesterday about what our brief is all about and i must say that i think this years brief shall be much better than last year. We have been told to make a group and to come up with a business plan in order to raise money, this could be through animation or any sort of hobbies we do.

Ryan and I grouped together and started to note down ideas which relates to our group animation project that we are currently working on. Our storyline is about a young girl who is in her tree house when a thunder storm strikes and she becomes scared when a big scary shadow starts coming towards her, but she soon calms down when she find out that her real life teddy bear was just playing a trick on her. As this animation is based on a young target audience we thought this would be a great opportunity to make merchandise.

Our first idea was to make the animation teddy into an actual teddy bear in which children could buy.
This is what our bear looks like and thought we could try and do a test by buying a couple of teddies from Ebay and customize them to try and look like our animation teddy. After some research we found some teddies which we thought we would be able to customize.

Here are some screen shots of the sort of bears we thought could work to try and customize .

As the lesson was going on we actually realised that this idea would not be possible as we actually have to sell the product, so we were going to need quite a few which in the end we would probably lose money by buying in all the stock.

We also had ideas about making figurines of the characters, tree house and props so it would be a bit like something in Polly Pocket, but again, how would we be able to make them ourselves without spending loads of money.

Ryan came up with an idea that started to mean that we would not have to spend so much money to gain back again. His idea was to make fruit smoothies as it is now warm and sunny. We could create names for them which relates to our animation for example summers strawberry, summer being the name of our girl and strawberries being park of the product. Again we came to a bit of a stand still as we had to consider health and safety issues. I thought that we may be able to do this in the Ravensbourne building, but this is something we may need to look further into.

The latest idea which i thought of which is now the idea we are going to try and go ahead is, to do drawing competitions. The drawing competitions would be head in primary and secondary schools, any child would be able to enter for just a small fee of 50p and there prize would be a big Easter egg as it is Easter time. We would also have a second and third place with slightly smaller eggs. So say we had 100 children enter the show we would raise £50 and then minus around £10 for the Easter eggs that would be a total profit of £40.
This would also benefit us for our animation as our little girl loves to draw, so we want to place up lots of drawings around the tree house, we could use some of the drawings that the children draw to place in the animation.
Now with this idea in mind, we need to start thinking a little more professionally about how are would go about approaching the school with our idea as they may find this to be a scam.

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