Thursday, 28 April 2011

Project plan

‐Name of Enterprise: Summers Bracelets
‐Student Names: Karen Flint (Commander In Chief), Ryan Cook (Chief Of Staff)
‐Summary Of Enterprise: We’re going to make and sell a range of beaded
bracelets to promote our BA animation film ‘Summers Treehouse’, to help raise
funds to support our degree show. The bracelets will come in many different
colours and designs that we already pre‐made, or the customer can create there
own one and we’ll help them to make it. Our goal is to do something fun and
different, making bracelets is a good way for us to raise money as people wear
these sorts of accessories as it comes to summer time so we’re in the right time
of the year to exploit this market.
‐Measurable Aims of Enterprise: The main goal for our enterprise is to raise
funds to cover the cost of any expenses related to our degree show, whether it be
the price of printing leaflets, posters, business cards or even providing food and
drink such as popcorn, coca cola or tea and coffee. We will measure whether we
have achieved our aim by the amount of money that we make, if we reach at least
£20 then we’ve doubled the money that we invested into this idea and can safely
say that we’ve had some success and achieved our goal to a satisfactory standard.
‐Target Market: Our product is primarily aimed at a female audience, although
we can still make bracelets for males, the majority of interest will primarily come
from the female market. As our product is a fashion accessory it is harder to
pinpoint an exact target market because fashion interests differ for each
individual, we have to rely on people’s own interest into what we’re offering
them. However anyone can buy them, whether it be for themselves or even if
they’re gifts for other people.
‐Action Plan: Below is our schedule for our idea. We haven’t split roles between
us because we are working on each stage of the project together.

‐Budget: We had to purchase all of the supplies that we need for this idea on
ebay, this included a mixture of different coloured beads, stretch cord, crimp
beads and flat nose jewellery pliers which altogether came to £9.10. An
acceptable target for us would be £30, and that’s with each bracelet costing £1
each, The best case scenario that we would be extremely happy with is if we
could raise £40 or more, whereas the worst case scenario would be if we failed
to raise more than the initial amount that we invested into this scheme.
‐Exit Strategy/Risk Management: The worst thing that could happen is that we
don’t make enough money to cover the costs of all the supplies that we
purchased for the bracelets, in terms of risk that’s pretty low as we will only be
losing £9.10 at the most. However if this plan does fail to take off then we will
have to resort to using one of our other ideas.
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