Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jewelery making

With a few ideas come and gone we now have a new business plan which we are sure is not to fail. Our plan is to make bracelets and sell them on to girls/ladies. We are still relating this to our animation of our little girl Summer, and the reason for trying to raise money is to help towards our BA degree show. This includes, making business cards, posters, leaflets and possibly food for the people who may come in to see everyone's work.

We came up with this idea as we were trying to think into a young girls mind, and the type of things they like to do. Making some sort of crafts is very popular for young children. Making bracelets could go to all different types of audiences as jewelery is for any age.

We were unsure on how we were going to be able to make the bracelets so we had to do some research as there are many different kinds of bracelets to make as we as different ways. I found Youtube to be most useful which has loads of diferent tutorials on how to make them. Here is the one which caught my eye the most, they are to make beaded bracelets:

Now that we have a good understanding on how to make them, which was actually a lot simpler than what we thought, it was now time to start searching for beads on the net.
The best website for buying all the items we need were through Ebay. Ebay have a wide variety of beads to choose from, so it took some time to decide on what to buy with in our £10 price range. Below is all the items we need in order to start our business, ranging from small pliers to stretch cord.

Whilst looking through one of the Ebay shops I found some small pliers to help make our bracelets, we were orginally going to use normal ones, but soon found them to be to large.

Here are some lovely tonal pink metallic beads we brought, at first we were going to buy separate colours, but found out this was going to cost us more and we were able to find two different types of beads with multiple colours which will help us to create different coloured bracelets.

Here are some black and pearl coloured beads which are the same types of beads as the ones above.

After some research this stretch cord is what we need in order to place the beads on, i was unsure on what we needed to put them on until we watched the tutorials.

Here are some crimp beads we need in order for the cord to stay in place, we thought we could use tye them together, but we thought that we might find it to tricky and that all the beads would fall off, so with the crimp beads we can just crimp them at the end to put the bracelet together.

All the the images above have been purchased and this cost us slightly less then our price range we had. Most of the items say that they should be delivered within 3-4 days, but with all the bank holidays this may delay the process a little bit. We shall hopefully have all the products by next Friday at the very latest and then we shall be able to make them straight away.
We have already looked into other types of beads which we larger than the ones we have brought, so if the business goes well and customers are interested in more then we may look into buying a wider range of beads. The great thing about this is that it can be applied into lots of items, such as necklaces, bag charms, key chains and watchs.

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