Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Since our last post we continued to go ahead with the drawing competition at a secondary school and there prize would be an Easter egg for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We were going to have a animal drawing theme so that it would make it fair to all the children. The only thing we have issues are is to be able to get permission from the school to go ahead with the plan. Our plan is to set up a desk in the assembly hall with a notice board to hang up the drawings when it is lunch time and hopefully children would like to enter the competition for only a small fee of 50p per child.

My chief of staff Ryan emailed Wyborne Primary School regarding our course, what we are trying to achieve and what we would like to do in there school. We picked this school because Ryan used to attend there when he was a young boy, and we thought we would have a higher chance of being able to go ahead with this plan.

As the days went by we had not heard anything, and then we remembered how schools broke up later than what we did, so when we had returned to university from our easter break, schools were still broken up. This damaged our idea a lot but we thought we still might have a chance once they returned back on the Tuesday, but we had not heard anything. So Ryan called the school up today to see if they had received the email and to see what they thought. They replied with this idea was not appropriate as they thought that we were exploiting the children as they see it was children giving us money for easter eggs which they did not like.

So with that idea now gone out of the window and with three Easter eggs brought, we had lost our idea and money, although we can eat the Easter eggs, so all is not quite lost.

Another plan is to come in place which i have been thinking about for the last few days as i was getting a little concerned about this plan.

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